About Us

The Belize Ex-Services League of Chicago, Inc. is an exclusive service club which is made up of former service professionals from Belize uniformed services. Members can be Belizean citizens who served the Military, Police, Fire Service, Prison, Customs, Forestry, etc.


Official logo of the Belize Ex-Services League of Chicago.
Official logo of the Belize Ex-Services League of Chicago.

The aims and objectives of the League shall be for the purpose of guiding the destiny of associate members and their mutual association to the general welfare of themselves and of those who shall associate themselves in the future, cultivating the social principles of humanity by rendering assistance to each other as well as the unfortunate in times of need by:

  • Providing a stated sum for the relief of members incapacitated by sickness.
  • Insuring a sum for the burial of members
  • Granting aid to the destitute widow of a member.
  • Transacting any other business within the scope of the League as the majority members may decide at a meeting called for this purpose.


The Belize Ex-Services League of Chicago, Inc. was formed in August 2011 and includes members and former members of The British Honduras Battalion of The North Caribbean Force, British Honduras Police Force, Defense Force, and British Honduras Volunteers Guard, former members of HM Prison Service, The Fire Brigade and Belize Forestry Unit. Belizean resident in the United States, Canada and abroad who enlisted in or served in any of Her Majesty’s Forces or Local Force and have been honorably discharged therefrom are eligible for membership and are encouraged to join.

The organization whose motto is, “UNITED WE STAND-SERVICE, NOT SELF” originally organized to foster comradeship and espirit-de-corps among comrades in the Chicago area but, very early on, it was agreed that its mission must of necessity be broad based and indeed to champion the interest of Belize Ex-Service League, their widows and orphans, and foster the cause of ex-service members generally.

No funds are derived from The Government of Belize and its financial base is membership dues, donations and fund raising events such as dances, concerts, food sales, outings and other social activities.

Election of officers are held every two (2) years to fill the posts of President; First Vice-President; Second Vice-President; Third Vice-President; Secretary; Assistant Secretary; Treasurer; Assistant Treasurer; Sergeant-At-Arms; Auditor; Chaplain and House Chaplain.

There is a Management Committee comprising of all elected officials and two (2) comrades representing the membership.

The League is assisted by a very loyal group of ladies (including wives of the members) without who very little would or could have been accomplished and the League takes this opportunity to thank them for their constant and consistent support from the organization’s inception to present.